Almost-Live from Election Night

I kinda want to take a break from lessons learned, so here’s how I spent election night:

I started laughing as soon as the legal pad was handed to me. In the editorial conference room, with the entire editorial staff present, they asked me to write down my twitter account so I could live-tweet from whichever candidate’s election party I’d be posted to as results trickled in. My twitter handle is “@TroyWB” with the bio-line as “Twenty Something Mutant Ninja Turtle.” That’s a bulldog of a journalist right there, with such insights as: “Hella unforunate a shaving nick and a herpes flare-up look so similar.” Yes, I’m a professional.

At about 5 PM we were all hovering around the office’s TV and watching the CNN guys play with the giant touch-screen TV and wondering which Black Eyed Peas member was going to talk to Wolf Blitzer via hologram. My editor had reaffirmed that I was going to spend the night with Mary Nolan, who was trailing in the most recent polls. We knew, she and her party knew, everybody knew they were most likely going to lose. And I get to prod them for quotes.

I arrived that night and asked questions like “So how are you feeling right now?” and “If you lose tonight, how will you spend your time tomorrow?” It was awkward at first, but I began to make it clear I wasn’t trying to vulture in on their loss, I just wanted their honesty. They booed their eventual loss, said “Hey, the bar’s still open!” then cheered Obama’s win. It was a funny evening.

Then spent the night at the downtown Hilton for the Democratic Party’s Party, which was everything I expected: powerful politicians and business people, as well as fun-loving (maybe naive) politically active young people, more than one draped in an American flag. I got to ask many questions and meet a lot of new people, and realized this is probably something I’d love to do every four years.

Then all the reporters went out for beers and it was excellent.

Troy Brynelson

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7 Responses to Almost-Live from Election Night

  1. nwfilmcenter says:

    That sounds like fun! I’m glad you got to be part of a BIG night. I’m sure you had a blast being around some powerful people on such an important night.

  2. You’re so lucky to be a part of events like that, you’ll remember them forever. Writing about politicians it seems can be more lighthearted than one would expect. Glad to see you were able to get some awkward questions out of the way as well, practice makes perfect.

  3. katshannon says:

    That’s awesome Troy! That’s definitely a very cool experience you will always be able to remember, and that’s great it made you realize how much you enjoyed being in that atmosphere.
    Awkward questions and moments happen at the beginning of new ventures like this, so it’s great you took it head on and had a great time with it!

  4. sarahbrown90 says:

    I always love reading your posts. You’re really descriptive and always make me laugh. You must be a good writer of something…Glad you had a good time on election night. I too was at an election party, it was for Charlie Hales. I had no idea what to expect, but I’m glad I went. The energy in the room was great and it was nice to be around so many passionate people. It was exciting to hear the results that he was the winning candidate and be there as he did his t.v. interviews. Being a reporter your bound to throw yourself in awkward situations that may be a bit out of your comfort zone, but that’s what being a good journalist is all about. It sounds like you’re being able to cover a lot of great stuff with your internship and getting a lot of really great experience.

  5. cmckee2 says:

    It’s good to see you able to take a potentially bad situation and make the best out of it so that everyone wins. That definitely takes some journalistic talent. Great post.

  6. I just love this post for so many reasons. Being at a election party sounds amazing.Probably the best people watching around. I also love the part about your twitter remarks. I have always been scared that unprofessional things might pop up, but this showed me that even if they do, it’s not the end of the world.

  7. lizazevedo says:

    Firstly: you are hilarious! Second, that is so awesome that you got to be involved in politics and talk with politicians on election night! Our internships are intended to open our minds up to different career options and I am glad that you have determined that you like reporting on politics. Perhaps you should take that new found passion and run with it (But don’t be too hasty; I wouldn’t want you to cut yourself shaving while rushing out to Washington DC tomorrow morning… because you know what that looks like).

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