Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. 
Oscar Wilde 

Thousands of dollars in debt, hours of studying, declining party invitations are just some of the sacrifices that I’ve had to make to earn my degree and be part of the University of Oregon. I must say that it has been worth it.

I didn’t realize how advanced the University of Oregon has made me above the competition. I haven’t realized this until recently because I’m now working with the fall interns and even though I’ve been working through the summer and I’m more familiar with the company I still came with a set of skills that some just don’t bring to the table. 

This post is not implying that all those are inferior who didn’t attended the University of Oregon. What I’m saying is that I’m glad that University of Oregon has equipped me with a range of skills in technology, writing, and speaking. The School of Journalism and Communication required that we learn how to use the latest technology to learn how to design as well as how to expand our creativity to bring our ideas to life.

While getting to know the new intern and discussing our educational backgrounds I found that the expectations were different at other school’s journalism programs. Technology was not part of the curriculum and pitches were not put to practice.

Learning from the School of Journalism and Communication has made me the go-to person when there is a design project, social media campaign, or for the next big idea. I feel like an asset to the company and I know I wouldn’t feel like that if I hadn’t attended the University of Oregon.

I find myself teaching the other intern things that I have learned from the University of Oregon not necessarily as an intern. I’m excited to get to know the different perspectives that other graduates have to offer. Even though we don’t have the same training we both have the same passion to work for the company.

As I make my way up in my career I don’t know what to expect from my competition but I’m glad I’ve got a taste of the competition at my internship.  


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Hello, I'm Chelsea Fung I live in Los Angeles where I work as the Social Media Manager for HollyShorts Film Festival where I get to connect with amazing filmmakers from all over the world! Check out my blog to see my Filmmaker Spotlight Interviews, travels and more.
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5 Responses to Competition?

  1. Great post Chelsea. This definitely brightened my spirits for the day. I’m glad that we were pushed to learn so many different aspects of journalism as well. Don’t forget to add your name at the bottom 🙂 GO DUCKS!

  2. sarahbrown90 says:

    Good job Chelsea! It’s always nice to know that those 4 years haven’t gone to waste and you can actually apply what you learned to what you are doing in your internship. I know right now looking back at all the loans I need to pay back I’m just hoping I worked hard enough through out school and with my internship that I will get a good job after all is said and done, but like you said we did get an amazing education at the U of O. Every time I tell people I graduated from the SOJC they always comment on how they have heard great things. Not many people have the same opportunity that we have been given with the Portland Experience so we are definitely lucky! I don’t know what I would do without this experience. It’s because of these last few months that I have had working at an agency that really makes me feel prepared to start my career.

  3. Chelsea, you make some great points in this post about the aspects of our program. I am curious to know what skills that the new intern brought to the table that the SOJC didn’t give you. There will always be aspects that we are better at and places we have room to learn. Our program and its unique ability to embrace technology sets it apart from the rest but I’m wondering what other programs look like and what skill set they teach their students. Nevertheless, GO DUCKS!

  4. hailayn says:

    Great job, Chels. We are incredibly fortunate to have graduated from an accredited university that provided us with an eclectic education. It’s funny because, at the time, I didn’t realize how well prepared we were for the work force. Now I can see how well-rounded our program at the SOJC really was and that while we didn’t learn it all, it taught us how to be learners who can adapt to any situation. That’s a gift in and of itself. And like everyone else said: GO DUCKS!

  5. Good article, Chelsea. I completely agree with Ayni in that it’s not only the more tangible things we learned at the SOJC, but also the emphasis on becoming a well-rounded worker willing to constantly learn new things. As we saw with Liz at CMD, sometimes the most important skill to have is knowing where and how to find answers. I think that although classes like Gateway to Media provided a huge range of assignments in a short amount of time, we definitely became comfortable jumping into projects with an eagerness to learn. Thanks UO!

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