Confidence is the Main Ingredient to Success

The Portland Experience has been amazing so far. This is the first in office internship that I have had and I’ve already learned so much already in this past month.

In the beginning I was extremely intimidated by the well established professionals that I was working with and nervous about messing up. Normally, I’m confident with my work but I continued to find myself second guessing everything. As the weeks progressed and I finally began to become more familiar with my coworkers and the clients, I started to ease up a little bit.

This last Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet with my team and do a complete brand dissection of a brand that started just a few months ago. During this process I began to learn the steps of developing a brands image and defining it by how consumers perceive it, not just how the brand thinks of itself. Throughout the process we created the brand mission statement, defined the target audience, and created a campaign that would connect the brand to its consumers better.

Although I was timid in the beginning of my internship, I have grown and have started to trust my instincts more. Because of this,  I felt comfortable expressing myself during the team meeting. By speaking up about my thoughts and ideas during the process, I realized that a lot of the ideas that I had others agreed with or were new perspectives that my team had not thought of yet.

Now weeks later after starting my internship, I am finally feeling comfortable where I am and much more confident in my abilities. New surroundings and responsibilities always take time getting used to and this internship has been no different. We all just need to continue to remind ourselves that we need to be confident in ourselves and try our best, that’s the only way you can truly gain success. I have really enjoyed these past few weeks and look forward to what more I have to learn with the remaining months that I have left.

-Sarah Brown


About sarahbrown90

I studied advertising and public relations in the SOJC at the University of Oregon. I am currently doing the Portland Experience this Fall and through that program I connected with the Scene Marketing Group and was hired to be the communications intern.
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5 Responses to Confidence is the Main Ingredient to Success

  1. emilyclairejaffe says:

    I agree with you that confidence is a key skill to have. I have sat in on multiple meetings in the past few weeks where I got the courage to speak up. The best feeling was having my thoughts heard and integrated into the idea. At the same time, it is important to not grow too confident and always think before you speak especially in a professional setting.

  2. hailayn says:

    I’ve had the same experience, Sarah! In a class setting, I’ve never had a problem speaking up, sharing ideas or brainstorming. Now that I’m in a professional setting surrounded by thought leaders, it’s pretty intimidating. The first few weeks, I sat back and listened. Now that I feel more comfortable with my position and the people I work with, I’m gaining the same confidence I felt in classroom settings. What a great feeling 🙂 Best of luck to you!

  3. cmckee2 says:

    Great post! It’s definitely intimidating speaking with professionals who have years more experience than you. But I think speaking with confidence (not cockiness, of course) also makes you more respected among your peers.

  4. pdxsx says:

    Good job, Sarah. You aren’t the only PDXSXer who has had similar feelings. With more than 150 students who have participated in the program, I can honestly say you are in the majority with your feelings. But, as you point out, most of them gain the confidence to be successful as they progress through the program.


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