Finding a Balance

When I landed my internship with an organization that had no office I thought I hit the jackpot. No early mornings, no dress code, no commute and no traffic. I could complete all my tasks wherever I pleased without having to change out of my pajamas. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Before long, emails were pouring into my inbox filled with lingo I had never heard before. Responses were coming back and forth and before I knew it I couldn’t figure out who was saying what.  I realized I needed to figure something out and quick. Here is what I’ve learned so far:

1.    When in doubt Google it.

Granted, Google might not have all the answers in life (although I’m convinced it does have most] but it’s still a great tool. I was able to become more familiar with things like eBlasts just by doing a little reading.

2.    Sometimes you just have to pick up the phone.

When you are trying to get things done in a timely manner email can get in the way and create long delays.

3.    Meeting in person every once in awhile is a great idea.

Face-to-face interactions are necessary sometimes. You can understand what someone is saying and bounce ideas off each other. Plus it allows you to get to know your colleague’s on a personal level and gives you more motivation to get things done.

Through my internship I’ve learned that working on your own time can be challenging. Some things just have to be done in person and it’s up to you to make a timely decision.

Alexandria Naboulsi 

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2 Responses to Finding a Balance

  1. pdxsx says:

    #3 is spot on! It can be a hassle to meet with people sometimes, but a lot more can be accomplished in one F2F meeting than 15 emails. Well done, gal.

  2. I had an internship once like this and it was really helpful to set up a weekly phone conference so that we could catch up on everything. When you can’t make face to face happen, this tactic is really helpful.

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