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What next?

After reading many blog posts (as well as FB statuses) about graduation, I’ve come to realize that this is real, too real. I’ve been waiting for this moment to come for several years, but now, I’m not so sure I’m ready. … Continue reading

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A Tassel For Your Thoughts

As it gets closer to graduation, many members of my family have been forwarding other commencement speeches from universities that have already released their Class of 2012 into the world. Out of the many shared, two authors’ speeches deeply touched … Continue reading

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To Summarize… Top 5 things I learned during my internship experience

The end is almost nigh and many of us have been contemplating graduation, job searches, and how to avoid having to move back in with our parents. (I’m contemplating REALLY hard on that last one.) Before I get overwhelmed by … Continue reading

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Is this real life?

As my senior year draws to an end I have started to reflect on the things I have done to get to this point. The School of Journalism and Communication has provided me (and all of us too!) with so … Continue reading

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Opportunities Ahead

When I think about my internship ending, I feel fulfilled but also anxious. I am really happy about what I have accomplished as a photo intern and all the assignments and projects I completed. My portfolio has improved immensely, and … Continue reading

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I can honestly say that being a part of the Portland Experience has been one of the single greatest decisions I have ever made. I am not only thankful for the opportunity, but thankful that I had the faith in … Continue reading

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