The Talk

Whenever someone at my internship asks me how long I’m staying, I always answer “indefinitely” of “however long they keep me” in a slightly sarcastic tone; of course I am hoping this will be the case. Last Friday when I looked at the calendar I realized I was exactly a month away from graduating. Being that my personality type is ENFP, I wanted to know where my internship was going or if I needed to look for employment elsewhere. Not only would I need to have a conversation with my supervisor about extending my time at the company, but I also had to bring up the topic of compensation.


Since this was new territory for me I decided it would be best to consult people smarter than myself. I know employees who work in other departments so I sought their objective advice. Once I knew how to approach the conversation I set up a lunch with my supervisor.

Of course nothing goes according to plan. The lunch was canceled just hours before because of a meeting conflicted. I was disappointed for a minute, because I knew that we would just have the conversation at another date. Suddenly my supervisor found me at the end of the day to pull me into a meeting and says we will talk afterward.

After the meeting she gave me an assignment, which I took as a good sign that she wanted to keep me around. I then began the conversation saying that I loved the projects I was working on as well as the people who I work with. I then proceeded to say that I am graduating on the 18th and I wanted to know if there was a place for me here this summer. My supervisor said that I had been doing great work and that the team enjoyed having me around. It was most gratifying to hear the team liked me as well, since they are fantastic people. She then said there was a place for me this summer and that would also start receiving compensation, though she wasn’t sure of the exact amount. I was just relieved I didn’t have to bring up money. It feels marvelous to have a plan for after graduation and feel like I have a future at a place I love working.

Kelsey Doherty

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3 Responses to The Talk

  1. Alysha Beck says:

    Wow way to go! That’s very exciting that you made a good impression on your supervisor and co-workers. I’m still trying to set up a time to talk with my supervisor, so I’m feeling a bit like you did before you had “the talk.” My supervisor has been out of the office for a while so I’m getting nervous from all the waiting. It’s great that it worked out for you to stay on at your internship. I would love to stay at mine, but I think my situation is a little different because newspapers aren’t doing well now, and another photo intern is already coming for the summer. But I’m confident I will get a great recommendation from my supervisor, which I can use to my advantage when searching for a job.

  2. Bree says:

    Congrats, Kelsey! You should be extremely proud of yourself! I feel like it’s hard to bring that conversation up, especially in the workplace instead of a quiet lunch. I definitely would have a problem bringing up the compensation question. I’m really nervous for the post-grad job search, I wish I had the opportunity to extend my current internship as well as get paid for it.

  3. zolfaghari says:

    That has to be the best feeling, congrats! Great to hear that you took the initiative and that it paid off, literally. Do you happen to know what changes will happen with your current role? I take it that since you’ll be paid, you’ll probably receive more responsibilities and a more befitting title than “intern”. Again, congrats on the big news! Keep doing great things.

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