Rolling With The Punches

If you guys remember my last post, I talked a lot about accepting opportunities and being willing and able to help with whatever was asked. I’ve continued this over the last few weeks, and have worked really hard to be the perky little intern of the office. Let me tell you, it has paid off.

Over the last seven days I have actively played a role in two different conferences that my non-profit has hosted. I was asked to do everything from being the conference photographer, tabling, run errands, help run the in-conference social media, and, in general, devote a lot of time and effort to making the conferences run smoothly. Although it was hard work, I loved every minute of it, and I was rewarded with respect.

Since I started my internship almost two months ago, this was the first time I felt as though I played a very important role in the workplace. Attendees of the conferences were approaching me to introduce themselves. People were thanking me for my hard work, and there was a level of respect that was reached where I honestly felt like an equal in the workplace, rather than a temporary intern.

I’ve always taken pride in the work that I have done, but I can see now why people choose to work in the non-profit specter. People who devote their time to work at non-profits are passionate, and engaged with their jobs and the people that the work with and around. If I wasn’t sure about finding a job with a non-profit in the Portland area before, I am now. I’m excited to participate in such an active community that fights for such great causes. Could this be EXACTLY what the point of an internship is? I think so.


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McKenzie Ingram is a Marketing Journalist for Act-On Software. She received a BA in Advertising and a BS in German from the University of Oregon in 2011 and has since worked as a copywriter, content creationist, and digital marketer.
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9 Responses to Rolling With The Punches

  1. Great post! I felt the similar way when I started to become involved in nonprofits and that is what made me decided I wanted to pursue a career in that sector. Personally, I can’t think of a better way to spend my career working for a cause that I am passionate about. That’s awesome that you felt the same and are looking to get involved. Maybe some of those appreciative conference attendees will turn out to be valuable contacts during your job search. Nice work!

  2. pdxsx says:

    Well done, McKenzie! I’m super proud of you and I know that your internship has been SO impressed with you. Keep up the hard work, it takes time to earn respect and responsibilities and all of you are so much further ahead now than your soon-to-graduate competition. And yes, this is exactly the point of an internship. 🙂

  3. codynewton says:

    It’s so important to everything life throws at you in stride. I’m glad to hear that all your hard work paid off. That’s really cool that people were coming up to you and congratulating you. That must have been a great moment. I think when you start hunting for a job now, if you’re not taking one there, then you’ll have something big to put on your resume, which like you said is the point of us doing this. It’s good to have something to look back on and say, “ah yeah, that’s why i did that.” I would say it sounds like you can for sure say that now. Nice work.

  4. Great post, McKenzie! Sounds like you definitely had your hands full with the conferences and I’m so glad it paid off. You can work and work and work, but gaining respect and trust is a majority of the battle- and from the sounds of it, you dominated! As things near the end, I hope you talk to your supervisor about staying on longer! It sounds like you really love it there!
    Keep it up, girl, you’re getting somewhere 🙂

  5. michelletag says:

    Congrats on earning that respect! I have to say one of my favorite parts of nonprofit work is the feeling you get after working an event (or something along those lines). Some people don’t realize all the work that goes into the nonprofit sector. Good work, McKenzie!

  6. wilsonemily says:

    Keep up the great work! It seems like you’ve really found your niche in the non-profit sector! Congrats; I’m sure that your boss really appreciates the hard work that you’ve put into your internship. When it’s obvious you’re passionate about what you do, it’ll definitely show in your work ethic and the quality of work that you do. Good luck on the rest of the term and on continuing your career working with non-profits!


  7. rkaapu says:

    This is so exciting, It sounds like you have certainly found your passion in your career. It is always challenging to build relationships, gain respect, and earn responsibilities, especially as an intern. A true passion and enthusiasm for a task or job in general really shows, so keep it up and I know you’ll go far. Best of luck for the rest of the term.

  8. So fantastic what you’ve accomplished! It’s great that you took initiative and went the extra mile at your internship. How gratifying it must have been for people to come up and thank you for all your hard work. It’s great that they are recognizing your contributions. Attitude is everything at these internships which you prove by trying to be the perky intern. They have given you more responsibility and let you try out different tasks which is what internships are all about. It is also wonderful that you love the work that you’re doing and know this is what you want to do!

  9. shannonsloan says:

    That’s awesome McKenzie! I agree with you about non-profits, everyone at my organization is so passionate and its a great environment to be in. I am so glad you got to discover you passion for non-profits this term. You are gonna do great, no matter where you end up!

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