Full Circle

The time has come for my last blog entry, which means that we are scary-close to graduation! For my first entry on this blog, I wrote about the importance of making connections. Well, it seems that I have come full circle since that first week at my internship.

At times during the past few weeks, I felt like my internship hit a bit of a plateau. The first couple weeks were very exciting—with my orientation at a new place of work and the May/June issue going to print. After that, there was a lull in work, which consisted mainly of brainstorming ideas for future issues of the magazine.

However, just recently, the work started coming in more and more. Last week, my supervisor sent me a lengthy e-mail with about eight different tasks to work on for the coming weeks. Some of them were actually ideas that I had pitched, which was really rewarding.

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Then just the other day, she turned to me and told me that the wine columnist needed someone to proofread a lengthy amount of copy for an update of her smart phone/iPad app. She said that she passed my name along, and the columnist would be contacting me soon. Sure enough, I got an e-mail that day with the details and—most excitingly—an hourly rate!

Now I have my first paid professional project—and the reason I got the opportunity was because my supervisor referred me. It seems like I was right about networking my previous post—if you make a great impression, people will remember it–and there aren’t many things more gratifying than that!

Allie Gavette

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11 Responses to Full Circle

  1. michelletag says:

    Sounds like you’re doing a great job showing everyone around you what you’re capable of! Good work, Allie! That has to be a great feeling seeing your ideas in that email. Isn’t it funny that right when you are thinking how slow it has been, you get a lot on your plate? Good luck with the rest of your internship!

  2. jamesynwa says:

    Congratulations, Allie! You’ve obviously done well to take some chances along the way and really put yourself out there. There is nothing better than seeing a return on that creativity and personal initiative. The ebb and flow of work can be frustrating at times, and incredibly overwhelming at others. It’s great that you’ve been able to invest your time in some great ideas and help the organization along the way. It’s strange to see signs of graduation approaching, but you’re obviously in a great position as a young professional. Keep it up for a few more weeks and you’ll be sure to reap more benefits from the effort!

  3. Alysha Beck says:

    Wow that’s so exciting! Great job making those connections and proving yourself to be the kind of worker your supervisor wants to refer to others. Sounds like you’ve been doing an excellent job of sticking with things, knowing your good attitude and hard work will pay off. I’m sure many more great opportunities will be coming your way after your internship because of all the successful networking you’ve done!

  4. Bree says:

    That’s amazing, Allie! You’re obviously working hard at your internship! Maybe this is the start of many more paid opportunities. Possibly a job? I’m excited for you! The publication the that I work for is finishing up it’s fall issue, which means it’s time for new pitches. I’m hoping to come up with some genius idea. Good luck on your project!

  5. wilsonemily says:

    Awesome Allie! You’re totally right that networking pays off and it’s beyond amazing that you were referred and now get to do paid work for your internship! Now that the term is winding down I’m sure that’s some welcome news to have; especially as you start to think about post-grad life. Also, congrats on the brainstorm pitches; taking initiative is what you seem to be doing best! Good luck on the proofreading! I know you’ll rock it.

  6. Ah! Congrats on the paid position! They must really trust your judgement at the paper. I hope this gives you confidence about the future after PDSX. It sounds like you really rocked your internship, even on the slow days.

  7. How awesome that you are already seeing the rewards of your networking! And a paid positions on top of that! It sounds like you are really killing it at your internship and taking advantage of your remaining weeks. Also, it must be great to see that your pitches are being taking seriously and that your supervisor really appreciates your input. Keep up the networking and an actual position that pays, Allie!

  8. zolfaghari says:

    That’s so exciting to land your first paid professional gig! Sounds like you’re really making things happen for yourself during this experience. I’m curious to know, what was the biggest challenge you had to overcome that led to the position that you’re in right now? And do you see yourself accepting a full time job at your current site if they offer one to you? Best of luck!

  9. Congrats, Allie! That’s so awesome, and it’s just what you love to do- copy edit! Usually the rewards of networking are seen or happen a lot later down the line, but I guess the program and position we’re in seems to expedite things quite a bit, doesn’t it? I’m curious, just like Joey, if they offer you a full-time position, do you see yourself accepting it? Or taking it as an experience and moving on?

  10. Allyson Will says:

    Congrats Allie! That is so awesome. I bet that made your day and week and possibly month! It is moments like this that remind us why we work so hard at our internships. When you are able to be rewarded by more work it makes you want to work extra hard to make sure it happens again. I bet you will do a fabulous job on the project. I am curious to see what the wine columnist says about your work. Congrats! 🙂

  11. Shannon Sloan says:

    That’s so exciting, conrgrats! It’s also great that she is planning on using the ideas you’ve pitched. Sounds like you’ve made a great conncetion from this internship, keep up the great work!

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