Reflect, Reorganize & Reevaluate

As we meet our halfway marks for our internships, we must remember to reflect, reorganize and reevaluate.

Reflect. I am sure you and I feel the same way that this term is flying by. It is important to reflect on what we have already learned. For instance, at my internship, at an integrated agency in Portland, I have learned a new set of skills I was not taught in college. I have become familiar with CisionPoint, a pro at Positive Press (Iterasi) and the expert at my agency in Traackr.


Reorganize. Take a second to breath. Now that we have gone through basic training, our supervisors feel more comfortable giving us larger, more complex projects. Don’t freak out, it must means we are doing well. Just take a step back, reorganize and breath.

Reevaluate. Now that we are moving forward into the final stretch of our internships, reevaluate what it is you would like to get out of it. Make sure you are jumping on all the projects you can that interest you. If you get hired, you don’t want to fall into a position you did not initially intend to.

Stay calm, take a deep breath and push through the second half of your internship. It will all be worth it in the end!


About asharonson

Journalism student at the University of Oregon expecting to graduate in 2012. My primary focus is public relations, event planning. I enjoy social media, photography, the Portland Trail Blazers and spending time with my family.
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9 Responses to Reflect, Reorganize & Reevaluate

  1. J says:

    Good work, Ashley! It does take some people a bit to understand that the first 1/3 of the term is often the “basic training” and now that you’ve all proven yourself, you can take on those bigger tasks and make yourselves invaluable!

  2. Allyson Will says:

    Great post! I actually read it three times through to make sure that I really thought about everything you said. I also think it is really important to try everything you can during your internship. I really liked what you said about being assigned bigger tasks. I have been stressed about being assigned more and more work as the term goes on. I never took a second to step back and realize that this could mean I am being trusted by my supervisors. Thanks for the insight!

  3. zolfaghari says:

    This might be my favorite post yet! Great advice. Great input. Although I’m fairly new to my internship, I am already going through the same thought phases as you. Questions constantly come to mind such as, “do I see myself working here?”, “am I doing enough to get recognized?”, and “what more can I do to leave a salient impression?”. I’d be curious to know at the end of the term which of us are happy enough with our current position to accept an extended offering.

  4. Shannon Sloan says:

    Well said! I really liked the point you made about reevaluating. It’s important to consider what you really want to get out of an internship and then find ways to make it happen. It sounds like you’re doing great at your internship! I hope you are enjoying your agency and the projects you are working on. Use this time to explore and find what aspects of the job you truly enjoy.

  5. codynewton says:

    That’s all really good advice! I like your post, because I know with my post I kind of just wrote about what I was doing at my internship, and didn’t really give any good advice or words of wisdom. I think it’s very important for all of us to look back on what we’ve already learned, and not freak out about where we are going. It’s a little scary to think that we need to find a paying job soon, but like we keep getting told, we’re already in a better position than most people.

  6. McKenzie Ingram says:

    Good advice Ashley! Thanks for organizing my crazy thoughts into a linear fashion (haha). I think it’s especially important for us to reorganize and reevaluate where we are going with our internships. From day one, where we walked into an entirely new environment, to week five where we feel comfortable working independantly on projects, things really have changed since the beginning. I think this blog post was a good reminder to all of us to take a step back, and make sure that we are positioning ourselves in the best way possible to find ourselves with a job or internship extension (in addition to being pleased with the work that we are doing). Thanks for the good advice!

  7. Awesome post and advice! Way to break down our internships phases and really spell out where we all should be. I really like the part about reflecting. Most everything we’re learning now will impact our career decisions in the future. Whether we can envision working at organizations similar to those we are at, or doing the tasks we are currently doing are questions we should be asking ourselves right about now. Again, great advice and good luck with the remainder of your internship!

  8. wilsonemily says:

    This is a great post and it offers some awesome words of wisdom. Like you said, we’re now halfway through the term and it’s time to reflect, reorganize and reevaluate what we’re doing. After all these internships help us to see what life really is after college and if this is the career path we want to pursue (or if we’re hoping to get hired on in the end). It’s important to do all of the above that you suggested in order to make the most of our experience here!


  9. Shannon McGuire says:

    Thanks for the advice! I instantly felt calmer after reading this. Going into my internship, I didn’t realize how much learning it would be. It was very stressful those first couple days trying to figure out the station’s systems. I feel so much more confident on the job now. It’s great to reflect and see how far I’ve come. I hope you feel the same way

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