T-E-A-M Work!

Like many of my peers, I came into the Portland Senior Experience wide-eyed, ready to jump in headfirst and give it my all. Prior to this, I’ve worked and interned in many team environments before, but it all pales in comparison to the boutique public relations firm I’m currently interning for.

I couldn’t be luckier, or happier, to be interning where I am and I’ve learned so much within these first three and a half weeks. There are several attributes that have resonated with me thus far, but a common thread that I’ve noticed is how important our weekly team meetings are.

Tuesday team meetings bring all five of us together in order to get everyone on the same page, allow us to brainstorm and bounce ideas around and support each other with our individual projects. These meetings also give us a chance to collectively put our projects into perspective and see how they fit into the bigger picture in relation to each client.

It's quite a big list, isn't it?

THE Great Wall of Projects

Earlier this month, we returned from the weekend to find an April to-do list mounted on the office wall.This list was quite large and has since been dubbed as the ‘Great Wall of Projects’ listed by client and assigned accordingly to members of our team. As a team, we have collaboratively worked together on completing several of these projects, and there’s nothing more exciting than crossing off a task. With hard work, determination and support from one another, there are only a handful of projects remaining; but without our weekly team meetings, we wouldn’t have known how to support each other.

Needless to say, the concept of a team has become much more important and has taken on a new meaning within my professional perspective.

Marcellina ‘Marcie’ Giovannoni


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10 Responses to T-E-A-M Work!

  1. pdxsx says:

    Good work, Marcie. Every agency is only as strong as their weakest link and team work in all allied-communication fields is of utmost importance. One bad team member can sink the whole ship. Just like group projects in school, only now there is a lot of $$$ on the line.

  2. Allyson Will says:

    Great post! There really is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off a list. (Maybe printing off a term paper?) It sounds like you are working at a relatively small company. The great thing about working at a smaller company is that you are able to see everything that is done in the office. This also means that people see everything you do. Since you are such a big part in a small company I bet they really value all the work you do. Congrats on your internship!

  3. codynewton says:

    That “Great Well of Projects” looks intimidating! But from the sounds of things you have a great team behind you that will help a lot. I can’t imagine trying to do my job without a good. We work on our own projects, but we are all within about 15 feet of each other (editorial staff), which means when I have a question or need some advice it’s easily answered. Plus, being part of a team gets us closer to the people we work with, which will great for potential future employment.

    Have a good one!

  4. agavette says:

    I think it’s awesome that since you’re at such a small organization, you can be really involved in things like brainstorming sessions. It seems like they’re treating you like you already work at the organization, which is awesome! I just got invited to a brainstorming session today, but it was large enough that I just sat back and observed what people were contributing. Once in a while I would show my agreement, but didn’t contribute much to the conversation myself, per se. Maybe I will next time! Once again, it’s great that you get to an active part of the team!

  5. michelletag says:

    I really like that you guys call your list ‘The Great Wall of Projects’, cute. Working in teams is always a new experience, they change all the time and can keep you on your toes. I like working in teams, especially when it comes to bouncing ideas off of each other. It helps me a ton to talk about my ideas out loud and get feedback. I’m happy for you, and wish you the best this term!

  6. Alysha Beck says:

    It sounds like you’re really getting some valuable experience at your internship. It’s definitely an asset to be able to work well with a team in a professional setting. And it seems like you’ve jumped right in with everyone else at your internship, helping to brainstorm project ideas and such. Good luck and way to kick butt!

  7. asharonson says:

    Team meetings are always beneficial for any type of company, especially in collaborative industries like ours. It is important to connect on the same page, in order to move forward successfully. It sounds like you are in a great internship working with a lot of fun people!

  8. rkaapu says:

    Great Post! I really enjoyed reading about your “Great Wall of Projects.” It is so nice to put a physical aspect to all the projects that need to be completed. As a very visual person, I always keep something similar in my home to ensure that I keep things rolling. It must be so rewarding to be able to work so closely on a team and bounce ideas off each other. It sounds like a wonderful internship. Good luck!

  9. zolfaghari says:

    Insight post, Marcie! Sounds like you’ve really adjusted quickly to your new work settings. I love the emphasis you’ve put on how important it is to be able to collaborate in teams. It’s safe to say that the industries we’re getting ourselves involved in call for individuals who know how to get work done not only on their own, but in groups. It’s good that you’re becoming so familiar and experienced with that at such a young age. Best of luck!

  10. wilsonemily says:

    This is an awesome post! And I love the “Great Wall of Projects” idea; it turns something that seems so huge and daunting into something manageable once approached by teamwork. And as you already mentioned, learning how to work in teams and rely on one another for support-whether it be with clients or big projects- is an essential part of being a successful intern! Good luck on April to-do list!

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