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I have to begin by saying I couldn’t be more pleased with my internship. It’s always a little unnerving to walk in to a new situation, not knowing what to expect, especially when the potential for the situation to change your life is so high. We all walked in to this thing a little blind, but from the sounds of it, most of us are thrilled.

One of the things I love most about where I work is that they keep me so involved. What’s more, they keep me involved in things that I enjoy. When I started college I knew I wanted to be a writer, but I had no idea what path was best to get there. At first, journalism didn’t seem appealing to me. I had no idea of the vast potential that the field offered. After more research I realized that journalism could serve as a conduit for the things I wanted to do with my life.

This internship has, so far, proven that journalism is much more than covering cat shows and bake sales. Portland is electing a new mayor, so my supervisor has me following Charlie Hales (the other two interns each have their own candidate as well). It’s been interesting to watch the candidate and learn how he operates his campaign. What I enjoy about it the most is that I’m there to be sort of a watchdog. I’m not there to be friends with him. Hales knows that, but we still get along well enough.

I’ve also spent some time collecting court documents from Multnomah County Court House, which has been interesting because it’s new to me. The process of actually collecting the documents is easy. What’s a little harder is finding the court cases and their case numbers.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us. There is so much to learn, about our jobs, about Portland, about our futures in general. The picture I chose to post was taken from inside my new apartment. It over looks Northwest Portland and the area where my internship is located. I think it’s a good representation of how much I’ve been shown so far, and how much more there is learn about this city and the career I’ve decided to pursue.

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  1. Alysha Beck says:

    That’s great that you’re feeling involved at your internship. I feel like that as well at mine. It’s great when everyone is so nice and willing to help you succeed at what you do best. It sounds like you are doing some meaningful work too. How cool that you get to follow Hales and see what he does. You’re really diving into reporting by spending time with your subject. Good luck with everything!

  2. Allyson Will says:

    Your internship sounds awesome! Charile Hales is a great guy. The mayoral race is extremely popular news in Portland so that makes your work even more relevant. That is probably a great feeling that they trusted you so much to give you such an important project. I bet you will get some great portfolio material out of your work. Congrats on your internship!

  3. michelletag says:

    It looks like your internship is definitely giving you a huge opportunity! There is no better way than feeling like your valuable to your organization than by being assigned something you have only imagined yourself doing. It’s interesting to learn about the journalism side of things, as a PR major I interact with reporters frequently and it’s important to understand how our relationships work with one another. Thanks for the post!

  4. Covering the mayoral race and being responsible for a candidate sounds like a very important and exciting task! That’s great that you get to jump into political writing and are getting such an internal perspective of your candidates campaign. I’m sure the experience you’re getting by doing research at the courthouse will come in handy in the future, especially if you pursue political reporting after your internship.
    I’m sure you’ll be giving out voting advice soon!

  5. I bet Charlie Hales has you running around everywhere! All the electoral candidates have been so busy. We’ve been covering them quite a bit. Like Ally said it sounds like you’re going to have a lot of experiences and work to show by the end of your internship. I hope you’re finding ways to use all your writing skills as well. It always feels better when you can do something you are familiar with and enjoy.
    Congrats on the internship!

  6. asharonson says:

    It’s always great when agencies allow their interns to become involved. It is much more beneficial for a company to involve an intern and hire them, as opposed to hiring someone new and training them on the clock. If they are keeping you involved, it probably means that they are investing in a future with you. Also, having an internship where you are involved and learning new things is amazing experience. Good luck at your internship, it sounds great!

  7. Rachael Kaapu says:

    I really appreciate your insight about this internship. While this is an amazing opportunity and we are all crossing our fingers we still need to remember the learning aspects of our jobs. There are so many things that we haven’t learned yet, and will only come with experience. There are also many industries in our field that take some extra learning, like law in your case, or technology in mine. Journalism really does have a broad scope and I, for one, am thankful for it. I hope you are enjoying your internship. Good luck!

  8. I am so thrilled that you’re thoroughly enjoying your internship, Cody! I totally agree with you that we all walked into this a little blind, not really knowing what to expect on the first day- let alone the first week. It’s exciting now that the initial two weeks are behind us and, by the sounds of it, they’re semi-handing the reigns to us and letting us direct our work. I hope that you and Hales continue to get along and that you write some great portfolio pieces!

    Best of luck! 🙂

  9. wilsonemily says:

    It’s awesome that they let the interns be so involved in the upcoming elections; especially to be assigned to one candidate in particular! Also, the hands-on experience at the Multnomah County Courthouse is a good prep for any investigative journalism you might be interested in doing. It sounds like your internship has become one of those great learning opportunities to see what it’s really like to be a journalist!

    Best of luck on the rest of the term!

  10. shannonkluss says:

    Working on the elections is probably one of the best and most interesting ways to learn about Portland and all that it has to offer! That is one of the aspects that I find most fascinating about our Journalism field; that we get to (must) become experts in whatever client, person, or industry that we represent!

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